White Light Shines

By Elton Wildermuth, November 1999

White light shines;
hero speaks his closing lines.
Curtains fall;
don't expect a curtain call.
It's the close of the play;
what else can you say?
No reason to stay around here.
Say good night to your friends;
the curtain descends
abruptly, and ends your career.
Not to be --
cancel your soliloquy.
Hamlet dreams
shadow plays on morbid themes.
It's the close of the play; (&c)
Waiting for the light to find you
Waiting for the sight to blind you
Waiting for the night to bind you
Waiting for what's right behind you
What became
of that actor, whatsisname?
Here and gone,
such a brief phenomenon.
It's the close of the play; (&c)