Rainbows In the Gloom

By Elton Wildermuth, 2000

This just can't be natural;
it happens every night:
sunset comes and brings a broom
to sweep away the light.
Something tells me, something says
that this is just not right,
something tells me this is just not right.
I have seen the thirsty buds
that wither as they bloom,
I have seen the shadows
hiding all around the room.
I see broken promises
like rainbows in the gloom,
promises like rainbows in the gloom.
Sun comes, sun goes.
Where to? Who knows?
It'll come again tomorrow,
but do you suppose
that it'll be as bright this time
as it was any other time it rose?
I have seen the future, I
have met our destiny.
I have heard the Word of God
on how it has to be,
saying, lock them all away
and throw away the key,
lock 'em up and throw away the key.