Only Passing Through

By Elton Wildermuth, 1992

Asleep at the wheel and suddenly nothing seems to matter --
the mountain meets Mohammed with a sickening sound.
Sirens at dawn and all my sleepy dreams are scattered;
send your regrets: you won't be coming around.
Sit for a while -- I have so much to show you.
You've barely arrived; why do you have to leave so soon?
Was it something I said? I just barely got to know you!
He said, "Sorry, but I'm only passing through."
Unlucky at love and suddenly nothing seems to matter --
dying for affection with no hope in your heart.
Turning away, all your defenses bruised and battered:
send your regrets, but sometimes lovers must part.
Sit for a while (&c)
Only passing through --
there's really nothing new about it;
still, I have to tell you,
it's a godawful shame.
Only passing through --
there's nothing I can do about it;
still, it hurts to lose you
when I've barely learned your name.
A lump in your throat, and suddenly nothing seems to matter --
all choked up inside and left with nothing to say.
Cut to the bone, another innocent in tatters;
send your regrets: you never planned it that way.
Sit for a while (&c)
(For Richard, Kelson, and Jean)